Can I use a Pendrive/Flash drive/USB stick as RAM to increase system memory?

This is one of the most common questions asked in forums and posted by bloggers. Many of the so called tech-geeks boast about using USB stick as RAM and ask readers to try this to increase system RAM.Lemme say one thing ,they have tons of mud inside their heads!!!See the point is,anyone with some basic knowledge regarding computers know the difference between a RAM and USB drive.Just think man, if at all it was possible to increase RAM memory efficiently by a flash drive ,then manufactures would have done that, because an USB drive is lot cheaper than a RAM!

Commonsense is not so common these days :-)

Getting into details, a RAM is kept inside a motherboard connected to computer via a very high speed interface.Besides additional processes like caching(Copying blocks of memory and keeping it for later use) is done to maintain a decent performance.Moreover ,RAMs are volatile(the contents are erased on reboot ).

On the other hand ,an USB drive is expected to retain it's memory and act as a storage device.It uses a different technology.But, certain software's like eBoostr do make virtual RAM's using USB drive but reading from USB drive is 1000 times slower and again writing is still slower.I guess now you got the reason why this is not feasible.

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