Technology Bay is one of the most popular technology sites. Though very young our site has an amazing growth rate of 44%*.In this short period WOT has rated Te-Bay as excellent for trustworthiness, privacy, child safety and Vendor Reliability .Te-bay is growing rapidly and by now has set up its own identity in the blogosphere. We are sure you’ll have wonderful experience in advertising on Te-bay. Its vast fan base is all what you need for successful business.

It’s not just a few clicks and impressions it’s something more…..

Types of Ads accepted
1) Text Ads
2) Banner Ads (125x125 and 250x250)

Advertising Schemes

1) Advertising on sidebar: (Text\Banner Allowed)
(i)PPI – Pay per Impression: 0.001$ per impression.
(ii)PPT – Pay per Time
  (a)Text ads : 2$ per month.
  (b)125x125 : 2.5$ per month
  (c)250x250 : 4$ per month

2) Advertising on our Facebook, YouTube Community
(i) Facebook Group1$ per post
(ii) YouTube [ Video Sponsor]- 1$  per video
(iii) Facebook Event Sponsor5$  per event

3) Advertising on individual page or post (Text\Banner Allowed)
(i) Top posts : 5$ per year
(ii)Posts other than top posts : 3$ per year
(iii)Pages : 5$ per year
4)Sponsored Review : 2$ per review. 


The rates given here are updated every month.
* = as per previous 4 month's stat analysis.

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    This Site may contain articles related to "Hacking" but they are hosted in our site for educational purpose only.They are meant to give a better insight to the recent cyber threats. Neither Te-Bay nor it's contributors will be responsible for any damage arising from misuse of information hosted here . If you are not willing to accept these conditions, please stop using this site and the information hosted here.

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