Are you using your laptop unsafely? : Health tips for Laptop Users

Every one including myself would love to own a Laptop and i guess some of you owns one,right?Portability is usually the first feature mentioned in any comparison of laptops versus desktop PCs. Portability means that a laptop can be used in many places—not only at home and at the office, but also during commuting and flights, in coffee shops, in lecture halls and libraries, at clients' location or at a meeting room, etc.Portability and small size had indeed played a big role in widespread acceptance of laptops.

Unfortunately, the laptop’s compact design, with attached screen and keyboard,forces laptop users into awkward postures. When the screen is at the right height, the keyboard position is too high; and when the keyboard is at the right height, the screen is too low. Laptops if used for short periods does rarely rise health risks.But we see that many people use them continuously.So healthy habits are essential for laptop usage as well :-)

Health Risks

1.Computer related diseases : Laptops often cause almost all computer related diseases like RSI,CVS,exposure to radiation,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and many more.Read Healthy Computer Usage : Tips while Using Computers  to know more about computer related diseases.

2.Infertility : Using Laptops on lap can lead to infertility.A rise in temperature by 1 degree Celsius in the sac surrounding the testicles, known as the scrotum, leads to a decrease of synthesis of normal healthy sperm by 40%.

3.Burns : Using laptops on lap can lead to burns as well.A condition known as toasted leg syndrome was diagnosed in a 12 year old boy who used his laptop to play games became the 10th reported case in the past six years. This condition was common earlier this century from sitting too close to the fireplace.

4.Eye disorders : Too much brightness or light from another source reflecting on the screen into your eyes can be harmful to the retina.The eyes need rests and the lenses inside them have to relax after stretching. When using laptops or computers in general, the muscles that control the lenses remain in a static position depending on the number of hours you stare at the screen.

5.Cancer risk : laptops increase cancer risk more than PC's because we often don't keep distance between us and laptop like in the case of PC.More exposure to radiation naturally increases cancer risk.

Health Tips

1. Modify your laptop : If you are using your laptop for long hours(for eg. work) you need to modify your laptop.Buy a new mouse and keyboard and connect it to laptop.This is because laptop keyboard and track pad are found to create lot of health problems including RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.You can also modify your laptop as shown in picture with a triangular stand.A laptop cooling pad will be good choice.
Ideal setup for Laptop

Laptop Cooling Pad

2.Mode of use : Though the name 'Laptop' suggest you to use it on your lap, never do it.The heat that a laptop produces can do internal damage to your legs with long-term direct contact. Instead, set the laptop on a stable surface like a table.A laptop stand will make it better.
3.Posture : While typing, we tend to hunch over to get your face closer to the screen. Your back should be straight with your head centered above your shoulders. The best place to position your keyboard is level with your elbows as your arms are positioned where they're most comfortable.If necessary, place a pillow or cushion underneath your forearms for additional comfort.

  • Position the keyboard at elbow height, and keep you wrists straight while keying.
  • Experiment with table and chair height as well as keyboard angle to maintain neutral wrist positions.
  • Keep your head and neck in a relaxed posture; avoid excessive neck flexion or rotation. 
  • If you have to raise your chair, use a footrest to support your feet. When seated your hips should be slightly higher than your knees.
 4.Adjust Your Screen : A good way to avoid eyestrain and glare is to position your screen perpendicular to your line of sight.Place the Laptop on a stand, book or other surface that raises it to a height that you can see the screen without having to bend or rotate your neck. Clean off your laptop screen regularly with a proper cleaning fluids.

5.Exercises : As i explained in the post Healthy Computer Usage : Tips while Using Computers exercises are very important .

6.Carrying Laptop : Always carry Laptop on a backpack and don't overload it with unnecessary things.
Things you should never do!!!

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