Facebook Sim Card Scam / Hoax

Facebook is targeted by spammers since it's creation times.But recently spam/scam is the major problem that the biggest social network on planet is facing . One of recent scams is the facebook sim card by onlinefacebookjobs.com.This program is no way conducted by facebook guyz but by some crooked guy.

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UTF-8 Funny , Cool text symbols for Facebooking , Tweeting and Blogging

 UTF-8 (UCS Transformation Format — 8-bit) is a multibyte character encoding for Unicode.UTF-8 supports many funky characters that can be used for Facebooking , blogging and tweeting.You need not install any third party plugin to use these symbols because Facebook supports UTF-8.In fact you can use them in all sites supporting UTF-8.

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Download Coral Player : big cheap scam ; security alert for torrent downloaders

Last Friday I was downloading Kung fu Panda 2 from a torrent site.After I finished download I played it in GOM player.But it was displaying a message similar to this.

At the first sight the message doesn't seem appealing. First thought was to download the player from coral player site. Then i decided to visit the site via Google(my usual way of visiting suspicious sites).The several results out there told me that it was a scam.With low downloading speed, people wait for hours or nights to download their favorite movies but if that movie is just a 2 minute trailer then it is definitely frustrating. That's y i decided to post this.

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Create custom keyboard shortcuts for every program

How many shortcuts do have in your desktop , lotz right? But some people think even double clicking and launching a program is tiresome.Such people would prefer to have keyboard shortcuts for every program.If you are such a person this post will surely help you!

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Hacking Laptop Batteries: New Threat

Hello Readers,

Last month when I was just looking around for something different, and came up with this article.

The latest threat to your laptop is not in your Memory chips or storage device but surprisingly its in power-house i.e. Battery.
Earlier by just reading the Title Hacking Laptop Battery, I thought it might be something like you add some virus into memory and somehow getting into BIOS it manages to increases your power-consumptions and then it suddenly heats up and BOOOM....

hahahahahahaha.... Sorry can't help it with my destructive mind....

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