Poor Man’s Steganography

Steganography is the art of concealing information in other, seemingly innocent media. Steganographic results may appear as other file for data types, be concealed within various media, or even hidden in disk space. We are only limited by our imagination in the many ways to conceal information. Recently the plan of one of the sites for CWG in INDIA was transmitted to terrorists through internet in the form of picture. Various freeware, shareware tools are available for Steganography. But then we are talking about poor man’s Steganography, which indeed is very simple and handy for common man.

All we need is WinRAR, which almost all of us know and a bit of command prompt.                            
You just need to have a little knowledge about Command Prompt and have WinRAR installed.
Let’s start..

1. Get all the files you wish to hide together in a folder.(say C:\Hide)
2. Now, add them in a RAR archive (e.g. mysecret.rar). This file should also be in the
same directory (C:\Hide).
3. Now, look for a simple JPEG picture file (e.g. kitty.jpg). Copy/Paste that file also in
4. Now, open Command Prompt (Go to Run and type ‘cmd‘). Make your working
directory C:\Hide by typing “cd c:\Hide” (without quotes)
5. Now type: “COPY /b kitty.jpg + mysecret.rar cool.jpg” (without quotes) - Now,
kitty.jpg is the picture you want to show, mysecret.rar is the file to be Hide, and
cool.jpg is the file which contains both.
6. Now, after you have done this, you will see a file cool.jpg in C:\Hide. Open it
(double-click) and it will show the picture you wanted to show. Now try opening the
same file with WinRAR, it will show the Hide archive...

This hack will allow you to hide files in jpegs's without software installed.

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