Fight against copy protecting :Hack any website to copy any text from it!

Many So called Big Buddies of the blogosphere does a mischief ,they copy protect the information hosted on their blogs.I'm personally opposed to this injustice.Knowledge is nobodies freehold.Sharing it does not reduce it.

Many of such guyz  add a script on a any part of a blog with a belief that all visitors are information thieves.
Basic principle behind this is that when we visit any blog of this kind it loads  the script on the page and that's why our browser denies permission to copy any text on that page and most often we can't do right click too.

But you know,there should be a way out to this injustice and here it is. In Simple words "turn off script in your  browser".Now finding ways to disable script is your job.All i know is to do it in Mozilla.Refer the comments to this post - I'll be posting it there .I would be glad if you can add how to disable script in Chrome,Opera.etc in the comments section.


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