Facebook, spammers in an 'arms race' : How to Avoid/Prevent/Stop Facebook Spam/Scam

Have to give it to facebook, it has done a great job minimizing 95% of the spams. It filters and deletes all spam posts/comments as soon as possible too. But it being a very large and growing platform, there are still more annoying spammers emerging! 

Most of them are easy to spot like OMG, you wont believe this.. that whatever. Like the ones below:

The truth is you'll neither know what you were doing in that video nor the Live hidden video of Osama's Execution!

Beware, even the experts can fall into these trick. Some of them like the ones above can be easily spotted and avoided, no big deal, but there are some spams which replicate apps that do exist. The sad and annoying part in spams is that fb users who do fall for these tricks unknowingly will post these spams on their friends walls as well.

So, its never bad to follow a set of rules in facebook to avoid spams.

1. Don't click those short links/videos that accompany text on your wall or your chat box or maliciously hiding in one of the comments. 

2. Pay attention to the apps you allow to post on your walls. Not that all apps are spams, but this'll help you with the spamming app when there is one. 

Access Facebook Chat ???

3. When you've figured out its a spam, spread the news.

Most of the times, its the app you've given permission to post on your wall which is the cause of the spam. This can be taken care of if you are one of the victim. Click 'Account' on the top right corner of your Facebook profile page and then click on 'Privacy Settings'.
Here, on the bottom left corner, click Apps and Settings.

In there, there will be a set of apps which has accessed your wall with the time. Just the block the culprit app.

And its wise to check about the short links sent by your friends in chat or posted as comments. They may be doing it unknowingly. Ask them if they have done that voluntarily.If not just ask them to block and report the app.
And for the rest high quality hidden malicious spams, Facebook will take care of them :) 

Please feel free to post comments regarding any tips to avoid/prevent/stop Facebook spams or share your joys of a spam less account :)

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