PC Speaker not working aka Basic Tips to Troubleshoot Speakers

If you find your speaker faulty (aka sound is not coming from them), then before you dump it somewhere, you have to try some troubleshooting tips.The reason behind this is the fact that there are various causes to this particular problem.There could be hardware problems like your sound card is faulty, maybe PC speakers aren’t connected properly, power supply isn't reaching the speakers(problem with cord), the volume on the speakers could be turned down( :-) ), the volume on the sound card could be turned down or worst case, you have some critical hardware problem.At the same time there could be software problems associated with configuration which could be completely eliminated!
1.First and foremost step is to check whether the speaker is connected properly!Locate the speaker ports and make sure they’re connected tightly and properly.

2. Volume on speakers is turned down!!!!

3.Sound card's often come with a software allowing us to change volume.Verify that sound card volume is not in mute.

4.Check the power supply and make sure that the speakers are plugged in properly. Almost all speakers have a LED indicator that lets you know if the speaker is on or not.

5.In windows go to Start>Control Panel> Sounds and Audio devices (Sounds and Multimedia Properties for older versions of Windows).There are plenty of things to tweak there!

6.Update your audio driver to a new version.

7.If you can remember when this problem started then try removing any recently installed programs.(Avoid this step if you are a beginner)

8.Now borrow a pair of speakers from your friend and connect it to your PC and check if it's working.If it's working then the sound card is faulty! Buy a new speaker!

9.We are helpless!Consult a professional!

As I hinted this guide is very basic! Contribute to expand it!



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