Acer Aspire TimelineX Series(TESTED)

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I had read many articles about many Notebook brands but its very rare to find review about Acer TimelineX series notebook. So I decided to get one and review ASAP.

Acer, world's 2nd Largest PC brand launched, along with Intel announced the launch of its “Aspire Timeline X” series notebook; based on the Intel(R) Core Processors platform, powering the notebook with three different processor i3, i5, i7. Well if you look into market until you are not in a Metro city, its hard to find the end models of TimelineX series, specially in North India.

Its a wonderful notebook series, though this series was announced back in end of 2010. But still its not been popular. Lets find out What so special and why this has failed to get popular in-spite of so many advantage that other brand don't have.

But before we start let me tell you What Acer have to say about its TimelineX series:
It gives you more than 8 hours backup. The Aspire TimelineX offers more than just
time: it gives you excellent performance with the all new 2010 Intel® Core™ processor family.
It is less than one inch thick and available in 11.6’’, 13.3’’, 14.0’’ and 15.6’’ HD widescreen
versions with powerful graphics.

Gopal Swaminathan, GM India OEM Business, Intel South Asia said, “Intel has been at the forefront of innovative technology and we have always challenged ourselves to deliver superior computing performance. Our Intel(R) Core Processors provide a balance of great performance, style and long battery life for sleek ultra thin systems. We have a long standing and strong partnership with Acer and very happy about the launch of TimelineX series of notebooks. Our commitment towards new age computing goes one step ahead with this new series of machines.”

Lets see what our Lab Report says:

Battery Life:
Acer Claims: Notebooks of TimelineX series has the capacity to work more than 8 hours on battery.
TEST: We kept the notebook in power saving mode by Disabling Discrete Graphic Card, Decreasing Screen Brightness and kept it idle as if reading some documents or typing.

It gives you back-up of more than 8 hours but don't expect this while gaming. Hardcore gaming will hardly last to 2 hours.
Power Smart button

Acer Claims: One push of the Power Smart button and the Aspire TimelineX transforms into a true all-day companion, or a supremely powerful entertainment device.
TEST: We tested it in both power mode and battery mode.
Result: We didn't found it much useful. Its existence hardly matters. It could have been improved. You can't use this mode while you are in Power mode, you will have to manually do all the settings. Notebook will automatically switch over to Saving Mode when you are on Battery, you won't have to press Power Smart Button. We also found that when you switch from power to battery mode or vice-versa, your notebook screen flashes 2-3 times to adjust the settings like brightness and disable Discrete Graphic Card but during that time if you are surfing or watching movie or video than your browser Window or Video Player Window will black out and you will have to close and restart that application.
HD 16:9 LED Screen

Acer Claims: All feature HD resolution screens presenting razor sharp images and breathtaking visuals for the ultimate go-anywhere cinematic entertainment experience.
TEST: We tested it under different day-light conditions. Remember its NOT FULL HD.
Result: Screen is bit reflective. But otherwise its great. For best experience, watch in your room at night.
Dolby® Home Theater® v3 or Dolby® Sound Room®

Acer Claims: An extremely realistic and vibrant surround sound, courtesy of Dolby® Home Theater® v3 or Dolby® Sound Room®, that simulate 5.1-channel surround sound from the integrated stereo speakers or headphones, will transform the experience of movies, music, and games.

Test: We tested it in different environment.
Result: The quality of Dolby Sound doesn't need any introduction. But Speakers are not powerful enough. You can get good sound only in your closed bedroom. Sometimes, you have to concentrate on sound to listen, due to outside noise. We will recommend you to buy a pair of good Headphones instead.
The features discussed above were the main features of TimelineX series Notebook only. No particular laptop is under consideration.
Other Features:

The notebook is built with an ultra sleek model of 22mm thin and weighs 1.80 kgs that would make it is as light as 1.8 L bottle of water. With the modern mobility scenario Aspire Timeline X provides the ultimate experience in terms of battery power and portability making it feasible for consumers, students and professionals who are on the move all day. The ultra-thin and light design is easy to carry and store.
To improve efficiency and ensure better performance the DDR3 memory offers twice the speed of DDR2. The Timeline X series allows the user to opt for a processor of their choice – Intel i3, i5, i7 processor. The entire line of TimelineX notebooks is implanted with Windows 7 Home Premium for maximum productivity.

The Timeline X series is also enabled with High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) feature allowing the user to experience superior quality on a full range of peripherals; users can view HD videos, movies and other applications that require such high graphic configuration at ease. The notebook also comes with additional features like a Bluetooth 3.0+HS, 3G network built-in WWAN capability, Wi-Fi certified to ensure speedy internet connection.
If we talk about its buit in quality, frankly speaking, personally I don't believe on quality check of Acer. Well concentrating on topic if we talk about its body you can see its cover is metallic. But the plastic material used to cover up keyboard and body doesn't seems to be made of good quality. It doesn't it properly you can see the space between the two different body part.

Models available in TimelineX series are
3820 TG, 4820 TG and 5820 TG. These models are with Graphic Cards, also available without Graphic Card.

Final Judgement: Its Best buy in its price range. Looks are awesome. Take it, only if you are not careless. Dropping it on floor may loose your pocket. Acer gives you 1 year On-site warranty too.

Please comment & correct me if anyone find something wrong, after-all I'm also a human being. :)

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